Olaf Schneider

I can listen · I can think · I can talk · I can develop.

I am a freelance software developer located in Obbola in Northern Sweden. At time I work at the Norwegian Polar Institute and do not work with other IT projects.

Work experience

2020 – Head Engineer / web developer at Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø, Norway
2016 – 2020 Freelance software developer (Filchos AB)
2010 – 2015 Senior web developer and system architect at Hello Future in Skellefteå, Sweden
2005 – 2010 Freelance web developer in Munich
2004 – 2005 Online producer at GMX GmbH in Munich
2002 – 2004 Freelance web developer in Essen, Germany
– 2002 Professional jazz pianist and piano teacher in Essen, (but that is another story …)

Read more about my work in the Project portfolio (pdf).


German: native
English: proficient
Swedish: proficient
Norwegian: solid fundamentals


I prefer PHP (best with Laravel) and Python and started to learn and use Go recently.

Other things I worked with the last years:

C#/.net · APIs (REST and SOAP) · node.js


With ECMAScript 2017 and await/async JavaScript has become fun to use.

Of course I know HTML5 and CSS3. I use preprocessors and build systems, when it is appropriate.

And …

System architecture, technical conception, documentation, testing, deployment, training, …